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Down The Shore - Southern Belle Turned Jersey Girl

June 28th, 2011

The Jersey Shore NJ

I still remember the first time I heard the phrase “down the shore.” My boyfriend’s daughter said it, and I thought she’d gone mad.

“Down the shore?” What does that mean? I’d heard a lot of new phrases since moving to New Jersey but, this made no sense at all to me. Where exactly was down? And what a shore? I was utterly confused, until it was all explained to me, that this means going to the beach at the Jersey Shore. See, where I’m from we just say, “We’re going to the beach!” Months later, I had my first experience of going down the shore, and I realized that it’s so much more than just a beach.

It started with a work field trip and an early morning. I arrived at our meeting place and received a t-shirt that said “Fist Pumpin’ Like a Champ” (which, yes, I was required to wear!) Next up was the fairly long drive, but the time passed quickly with a video scavenger hunt. Finally, we arrived at Seaside Heights, and I was completely charmed. It looked just like a little beach town out of some 1960s movie.

I’d never seen anything in my life like the rows and rows of little beach houses, all brightly colored and teensy. The beaches I’ve been to in the past have either had hotels on them or high rise condos, much less aesthetic and way less cute. Unfortunately, our actual beach trip didn’t last for long due to a crazy storm that rushed in, but I was able to learn that Jersey beaches are entirely different from what I’m used to. The water looked much grayer and there were bigger waves. Even the sand was somehow different. It wasn’t as bright a white; it was a warmer color.

After enjoying some lunch and beverages, we went to the boardwalk, which I think may be one of the most amazing things ever invented! Everything was a delight from the games to the rides to the fried Oreos...mmm...fried Oreos. They’re so delicious. During this trip, I even became the proud owner of a hoodie that says “Jersey for Life.”

And the really, really cool thing I found out about the Jersey Shore? It wasn’t anything like on the TV show! At least not anything that I saw. All I saw were bright lights and colorful fun houses and wonderfully, wonderful food. Thanks, Jersey Shore. You rock!

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