Contributors to the Notes on the State of New Jersey

Melissa Morris Melissa  Morris

Franklin Township, NJ, US

MELISSA MORRIS is native to New Jersey. Researching her family genealogy, Melissa learned that her family has lived in the state for hundreds of years. Her deep-rooted connection to the state, and her appreciation for the fabulous things taking place in the Garden State today, have prompted her to create Notes On the State of New Jersey. In addition to serving as editor for Notes on the State of New Jersey, Melissa also posts regularly on her blog,The Jersey Girl.

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Misty Layne Misty  Layne

Denville, NJ, US

MISTY LAYNE is originally from Alabama but has lived in Jersey for a little over a year. She's pretty much gotten over the culture shock but is still learning to live with the cold and snow. Misty spends her time working at Grey Sky Films, writing poetry and short stories, practicing her photography, and indulging her passion for film.

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David Oryniak David  Oryniak

Milltown, NJ, US

DAVID ORYNIAK was born and raised in Milltown, where he now lives with his wife, Melissa, and their two little boys, Anthony and Nathan. After high school David served in the Air Force, as an aircraft mechanic, and has been stationed across the U.S. and Europe. But he always looked forward to finally returning to his true home, N.J. Everyday is a walk in the park for David these days, literally - he works for the Middlesex County Parks Department helping to maintain one of the county's largest parks. On most weekends, David's family plans weekend trips and day trips all over N.J. and its neighboring states. Many of these trips are with the Garden State Crew-zers (a PT Cruiser club) to different car shows, parades, and festivals. But sometimes it's just going out for a drive to enjoy the scenery and have a picnic.

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- We Know New Jersey -  We Know New Jersey

--, NJ, US

Quotes from New Jersey natives and residents. Take our word for it, New Jersey is a great place to live and to visit.

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NSNJ Announcements NSNJ  Announcements

--, NJ, US

Have an announcement you'd like to share with New Jersey and the rest of the world? NSNJ wants to hear about you engagements, weddings, births or other celebrations and special events. Submit your announcement here: NSNJ ANNOUNCEMENTS.

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CC Fowler CC  Fowler

East Windsor, NJ, US

CC FOWLER is a working mom living in Central New Jersey. She has two wonderful children, a loving husband, and two dogs, Maggie (mini Beagle) and Jingle (enormous chocolate Lab). Her many hats include mother, marketing manager, Girl Scout leader – to name just a few. She sometimes bites off a little more than she can chew, but in the end she finds a way to get it all done. She keeps a blog Central Jersey Working Moms which is a forum where she, and other centraljerseyworkingmoms, can voice their opinions, struggles and success with being a working mom.

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Christina M Rudczynski Christina M Rudczynski

North Brunswick, NJ, US

CHRISTINA M. RUDCZYNSKI inherited a passion for photography from her parents, and never stops taking pictures - even without a camera, she often "sees" a perfect shot. Christina began her formal photography studies at Middlesex County College and continues to study the craft. Many of her photographs were featured on Melissa Morris' The Jersey Girl blog in 2010, and she is looking forward to taking more New Jersey photos for Notes on the State of New Jersey. In April 2011 she registered her own photography business, you can check out some of her work on her Facebook page.

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Kelly Rega Kelly  Rega

Milltown, NJ, US

KELLY REGA is born and raised in New Jersey. She is a graduate of Douglass College and makes her home in Middlesex County with her husband and three young daughters. Kelly has recently made the transition from a working mom to a stay-at-home mom, and is constantly entertained (and at times perplexed) by the personalities of her children. When the girls go to sleep Kelly likes to practice calligraphy, crochet, catch up with her husband, and maybe, just maybe, go to sleep early. Her writing can also be found on the blog Tink About It Mom.

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Ginny Macaluso Ginny  Macaluso

West Windsor, NJ, US

GINNY MACALUSO is a middle school language arts teacher and author of a running blog, Java Joggers. She's a resident of central New Jersey (by way of Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and New York), and she's developed a deep appreciation for the beautiful places New Jersey offers for running, biking, and hiking. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, cooking, and reading.

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Stephen DiMartino Stephen  DiMartino

---, NJ, US

Anyone that knows STEVEN DIMARTINO, knows he's been studying and forecasting the weather since he was a child. In high school he was the morning meteorologist for Freehold Boro High School in Freehold, New Jersey. In 1998 he started his college career at the State University of New York at Oswego where he had the job of studying Lake Effect Snow and honed his skills in mesoscale forecasting. After graduating in May of 2002, he went to work for Weatherbank, Inc in Oklahoma where he forecasted for national and international energy, transportation, and media clients for six years. He became the lead forecaster for the Northeastern and Mid Atlantic United States and worked on several interesting and challenging projects. In the Spring of 2007 he decided to move on and take on a new challenge, which is NY NJ PA Weather! Today, he is basically living my dream of building my own weather consulting company while forecasting for his favorite weather location in the world, the northern Mid Atlantic! Steven specializes in winter weather forecasting, especially in mesoscale influences. Besides the weather, he love working out and following sports. He is a die hard Mets fan! He is also very passionate about politics and current events.

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Jeffrey Morris Jeffrey  Morris

Milltown, NJ, US

JEFFREY MORRIS has lived in New Jersey his entire life and has been a photographer for over 40 years. Transitioning to digital photography a few years ago, Jeffrey enjoys photographing a variety of subjects as well as continuing to experiment with the many new developments in the world of photography. Though he is excited to photograph his home state for Notes on the State of New Jersey, Jeffrey's favorite subjects continue to be his grandsons - wherever they may be at the time.

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Erica Linfante Erica  Linfante

Readington, NJ, US

ERICA LINFANTE is a special education teacher and the blogger behind A Healthy Habit . She lives in central NJ and spends many of her weekends in NYC visiting a very special someone! Among many things, her interests include spending time and making memories with her love, her friends, her family as well as cooking, working out, reading blogs, meeting new people and learning new things: especially ways to make healthier habits a part of her every day!

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Linda Schroeder Linda  Schroeder

--, NJ, US

LINDA SCHROEDER - just retired from teaching--35 years!! She continues to run dog obedience classes and work in animal rescue. Right now she is fostering 2 dogs, and has six of her own...(just adopting a senior!) Linda volunteers her time with a number of groups for training, transporting (she flies and uses the plane to transport animals from high kills shelters to rescue), fundraising, and running applications (reference checks and home visits). She will also go to private homes to help people with unruly dogs--especially those who are adopted from rescue. Linda's days are spent walking dogs, hiking, and splitting/stacking wood. (Anyone who wants to help her with that, is welcome!)

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Alex Torpey Alex  Torpey

South Orange, NJ, US

ALEX TORPEY is the 23 year-old mayor of South Orange, NJ; business owner; philosopher; graduate student; new media/OpenGov consultant; volunteer EMT; writer; musician; and person.

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Cindy Ferraino Cindy  Ferraino

Washington Township, NJ, US

CINDY FERRAINO is a freelance writer from the other Washington Township (Gloucester County). When she is not running the Ferraino household, she can be found plugging away on her computer while her 25 pound dog, Noelle is snoozing comfortably on her lap.

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Karan Kauchhur Karan  Kauchhur

Edison, NJ, US

KARAN KAUCHHUR is a Hobbyist Photographer from Edison. His day job is in the field of Information Technology. He enjoys being on nature trails and hikes, and loves to photograph what he sees. More of Karan's work can be found on his facebook page and his blog, Light and Nature.

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Erik Kent Erik  Kent

Belle Meade, NJ, US

ERIK KENT is the Co-Publisher of, a NJ wedding planning web site and directory. The site was launched on February 14, 1997 to help wedding professionals promote their services and directly connect with future brides and grooms. features over 500 wedding businesses serving New Jersey and parts of New York and Pennsylvania that future brides and grooms can choose from, including helpful articles and tips about wedding planning, expert advice and much, much more. Erik is a lifelong New Jersey resident, proud Rutgers University graduate (1992) and RU fan (RU Rah Rah!), and is happy to share info about anything that has to do with weddings and New Jersey!

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Derrick Larane Derrick  Larane

Ewing, NJ, US

Derrick Larane is a co-founder of Local Wisdom Inc., a New Jersey web design, development, and Curation digital agency located in Princeton Junction. He was born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ and is a graduate of Rutgers University. Derrick now resides in Ewing with his wife, daughter, and dog. He enjoys spending time with friends & family, photography, videography, social networking, and working in his yard. He is also passionate about mentorship and education of the younger generations.

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mm menna mm  menna

Yardley, PA, US

MM MENNA of Bucolic, Bucks County Pennsylvania (by way of NJ, OH and NY) will be reporting on Pennsylvania happenings for Notes on the State of New Jersey. She is the mother of Maggie, her 24 year old daughter, and the wife of Dave whom she says tricked her into marriage in 2005 after she spent 14 years as a single mother who had sworn off marriage forever. mm considers herself a writer, though she is paid to teach language arts at the middle school level. Her loves are her family, the Atlantic Ocean, spending time with her friends, reading, the English language, American history, rummaging through garage sales and thrift stores (rarely does she buy anything new), traveling and staying organized.

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Lauren Mosko Lauren  Mosko

South River, NJ, US

LAUREN MOSKO is a born and raised Jersey Girl. Lauren grew up in a small town in Central NJ, attended a college in North Jersey and spends her summers down the Jersey Shore. Lauren doesn’t pump her own gas, and can navigate a traffic circle without batting an eyelash! Lauren is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Communications while teaching dance and blogging about life on her blog, Laurenvision.

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Peter Shaughnessy Peter  Shaughnessy

Montclair, NJ, US

In Vino Veritas, In Cervesio Felicitas (In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is joy.) Should that maxim prove true, this will be the happiest column in the state of New Jersey. Native New Jerseyan, PETER SHAUGHNESSY takes his Notes on a trip through the Beer Garden State.

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Jaime Campbell Jaime  Campbell

Lawrenceville, NJ, US

Combining 10 years of teaching experience with 8 years in the accounting industry, JAIME CAMPBELL, CPA, MBA, CTT, MCTl leads the technology training and financial modeling services at Bartolomei Pucciarelli, LLC in Lawrenceville, NJ. She provides consulting services and expert instruction primarily on Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks. Jaime keeps her industry skills fresh with special analysis projects, financial statements, and tax returns. Jaime is a Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Technical Trainer (CTT), and Certified Microsoft Master. Jaime writes and teaches on accounting and technology topics in English and Spanish throughout the state.

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John Conde John  Conde

Jackson, NJ, US

JOHN CONDE is the genius behind the curtains of the Notes on the State of New Jersey website. He is in charge of web development and design.

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Joan Morris Joan  Morris

Milltown, NJ, US

JOAN MORRIS contributes to Notes on the State of New Jersey behind the scenes...of the website, that is. You'll actually be able find Joan front and center at the NSNJ exhibitor tables and greeting contributors at meetings. From time to time, she'll also accompany her husband - photographer, Jeffrey Morris - when he's out on an NSNJ assignment.