How you can contribute to Notes on the State of New Jersey

  • Submit original New Jersey-centered essays and articles.
  • Submit photo essays and stock photos of New Jersey.
  • Submit work in response to "call for submission" assignments.

(Note: While we certainly love to have a sense of humor and address some of the crazy stereotypes about New Jersey, our goal is to depict NJ in a positive manner.)

Contributorís Guidelines

By submitting content to Notes on the State of New Jersey (NSNJ) for publication, the contributor agrees that NSNJ may use said content for online, electronic, and printed publication, as well as for promotional purposes; full credit will always be assigned to the contributor when content is used.

By submitting content to NSNJ, the contributor states that said content has not been previously published, either online, electronically, or in print.

Should a contributor wish to submit content that has been published by NSNJ elsewhere, the contributor agrees to wait six months from the time of initial publication with NSNJ and credit NSNJ with originally publishing said content.

How to Submit

Send original content, as an attachment, to NSNJ via Please do not send previously published material or simultaneous submissions as they do not meet the needs of our publication and cannot be used.